Cancer & Covid-19 – Dr. Georges Juvelekian

Corona virus has taken humanity, all of humanity by surprise; a silent and invisible adversary that can prove at times fatal.
And although all of us are at risk of catching corona and developing complications, some patients are at a much greater risk.
They include patients with chronic heart and lung disease and diabetes.
However, a large population at risk is the one suffering from cancer, any kind of cancer and not just lung cancer.
This is because the cancer, especially if metastatic, can cause organ dysfunction. But also because the cancer therapies themselves whether chemotherapy or steroid- containing or the newer biologic agents serve to reduce those patients’ immunity and make them more prone to the ill effects of covid-19.
As such, it is our duty as clinicians to educate our cancer patients on proper prevention and to seek medical attention as soon as they develop any symptoms sot hat they receive proper therapy.