Seasonal Allergy & COVID-19 – Similarities & Differences – Dr Fadi Abou Rizk


Studies showed that patients with COVID 19 frequently complains of Cough, fever, dyspnea and less frequently rhinorrhea ( Runny nose ).

Patients with Seasonal Allergy might have similar symptoms how can we tell the difference?

Here are few tips:

Fever is not a usual symptoms of seasonal allergy and study showed it is present in almost 80-90 percent of the cases. If you feel feverish you should call your doctor immediatly during this period of COVID 19.

Allergy medicine can help us too, as seasonal allergy symptoms responds quickly to antihistamines however COVID 19 symptoms doesn’t.

Itchiness and tearing in the eyes are not symptoms of COVID 19 so if you have these symptoms it is unlikely you have COVID 19.

It is safe to take nasal and inhaled steroids don’t stop your asthma inhalers and it is ok to take a short course of nasal steroids.

Last don’t be afraid of immunotherapy, study showed that it is safe to take them even anti IgE therapy are safe during COVID 19 as they help your immune system and keep your asthma and allergy under control to fight.

If you treat symptoms of allergy you decrease your tendency to touch your nose and subsequently you decrease the chance of catching and spreading COVID 19.

Stay Safe..