COPD & COVID 19 – Dr Mirna Waked

By, Mirna Waked, MD, FCCP
ERS Board Certified in Adult Respiratory Medicine
St George Hospital University Medical Center
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Balamand University, Lebanon


COPD patients might have anxiety in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic.

They are indeed at-risk populations since they have already impaired pulmonary function. They might be on dual bronchodilators, or if they are more advanced on corticosteroids, even on Oxygen.

The recommendations of the scientific societies are to be very compliant with all the medications.

It is not easy to differentiate symptoms related to COPD and others due to COVID 19 infection. In the context of any worsening of dyspnea, cough, sputum production and or fever onset, chills, muscle ache, it is advised to consult their physicians.

If they have COPD but failed to stop smoking, they are urged to do it.

According to their doctors’ recommendations, they will have to do PCR and CT scans of the chest in case of any suspicion of coronavirus infection.

The best for COPD patients is to prevent any encounter with sick people, social distancing, and very thorough full hand hygiene.

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