Pulmonary Hypertension & COVID-19 – Dr Imad Bouakl

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges when caring for PAH patients. Although there is no evidence PAH patients are at increased risk of catching the disease, we know from previous pulmonary infections, that they are at increased risk of pulmonary complications, right heart failure and death if infected with COVID-19. The care of PAH patients entails balancing the risks and benefits of initiating, adjusting and monitoring the PAH disease versus the potential exposure to COVID-19. Whenever possible, remote routine follow up is preferred. Moreover, the need for initiating novel therapy should be assessed by the treating physician. When exposed or infected by corona virus, PAH patients should be seen and cared for, at an early stage, in centers capable of handling their cases, as targeted therapy for pulmonary vasculature should be initiated in a timely manner in order to minimize right heart failure.